3 Compartment Options For Utility Truck Bodies

26 April 2023
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A utility truck body includes a lot more than just the truck bed to store items. When you shop for utility trucks, you will notice a lot of the trucks include compartments to keep tools, parts, and other essential items for your business. The compartment options can make a big difference in the way you use your truck on a daily basis. 

The next time you browse for utility truck bodies, check out some of the compartment options and figure out what you want to purchase for your truck.

1. Swing Doors

Most traditional utility truck compartments will include swing doors. Built with a small handle, you can swing the door open and gain access to the compartment on the inside. The swing doors will often include built-in locks so you can secure the items inside when the truck is not in use.

2. Roll-Up Doors

If you want more security and more open access to your items, then consider a utility truck with roll-up door compartments. Similar to storage unit doors, the doors roll fully up into the frame of the truck body and give you clear access to the open compartment. This allows you to easily access tools and accessories.

The roll-up doors can snap into place and securely lock. Often made with aluminum or steel, the durability of the doors adds extra protection as well. Some of the roll-up doors will include locks that work with the automatic lock key fob on your truck keys so you do not need a physical key and can access the doors with the press of a button.

3. Fold-Out Workstations

Instead of just storage compartments, you can look for utility trucks that include compartments that can double as other things. For example, one compartment may open up to reveal a fold-out table top with a leg that keeps the table secure and balanced. Use the table-top for work plans, signing invoices, or organizing small tools and parts.

Another compartment may contain a variety of outlets. For example, the workstation could include outlets for USB cables or standard plugs. While at a worksite, you could use the outlet compartment to power up tools or charge devices like phones. With the exterior plugs, you don't need to rely on plugs located inside the front cab of a truck.

As you shop for utility trucks, look at all of the compartment options available and choose the best ones to fit your needs. Some trucks may include a fold-out workstation with rolling doors and give you both options within the same truck bed.

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