Why Taking Your Junk Car To The Auto Dealer Is A Great Idea

15 March 2021
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When you have a junk car, you're at more of an advantage than you are a disadvantage. You can sell junk cars for cash to a local junkyard or your local auto dealer and make some decent money in the process. Here are reasons why you should consider going to an auto dealer who pays cash for junk cars so you can not only get rid of a car that is taking up space on your property, you can come out ahead, too. Read More 

4 Little Vehicle Features That Make Driving Easier

15 January 2021
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When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, it is easy to focus on the big features, such as radar cruise control or blind-spot monitoring, that make modern driving safer. However, there are also lots of smaller features that new vehicles have that can make driving easier than when purchasing a new vehicle. #1: Heated Steering Wheel Gripping a cold steering wheel while driving to work on a dark January morning can the morning commute a little more miserable. Read More