Why Buying A Used Car Is A Great Idea For A Demolition Derby

7 September 2017
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You're pumped up about your first demolition derby and can't wait to get on the track. However, you don't have a car and aren't sure where to get one. Try a used Ford dealership. You might be surprised at how useful it can be to spend a little more with them:

Why Buying A Used Car Is A Good Idea

Many first-time demolition derby drivers will try to find an old junker that they can fix up and get running well enough for the derby. That is a huge mistake. Instead, it is a good idea to buy a decent used vehicle from a dealership and use it to create a great derby vehicle. Even if you have to pay a few thousand dollars more, buying from a dealer is almost always a better idea.

Buying from a dealer increases a person's chance of getting a better quality deal. Dealerships typically work hard to make sure that a car runs properly and isn't a "lemon." They also offer warranties and other deals that make it a great choice to buy from them.

Check These Essential Items

Before buying a used car for a demolition derby, it is essential to check its past history to understand its quality. Even if it is likely to end up getting a little smashed during the competition, that doesn't mean the quality of the vehicle should be ignored. For example, it is important to respect a vehicle history report from the used dealership to learn a variety of information, such as:

  • Past users
  • Accident history
  • Odometer readings
  • Liens on the vehicle
  • It's status as a "lemon" vehicle

Don't take these reports lightly! There's nothing worse than buying what seems like a great used car, fixing it up for the derby, and then getting screwed because you didn't check the fine-print. Working with the dealership on this process is essential for success.

Preparing It For The Derby

After finding and buying a high-quality used car for a demolition derby, it is necessary to prepare it. This requires boosting the old engine, improving the strength of the body, boosting the tranny, and stripping out all unnecessary items. A good mechanic should be able to do this on their own without much difficulty, especially with a used car.

However, it may be worth talking to a dealer to get this done for you. They will better understand the car, will be able to prepare it effectively, and can even save you money by offering discounts on used parts. In fact, they may be able to prepare the car in this way for you before you even buy it to save you even more time.

By following these guidelines, a person can find a high-quality vehicle at a dealership and quickly transform it into their demolition derby dream vehicle. It will require working hand-in-hand with the dealership and trusting their judgment.