A Few Maintenance Tips For Your Motorcycle

13 September 2017
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Just like any type of machine, a motorcycle requires regular maintenance to keep it running properly. More importantly, neglecting motorcycle services and repair could cause an accident in which you are seriously injured or even killed. While oil changes are important, there are other things you need to remember to do regularly to keep your bike running and safe.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure in any type of vehicle is important for good maneuverability. However, it is even more important for a motorcycle. A bike only has two wheels,  so if even one of them is slightly flat, it will be hard to steer. Going around a corner will be more difficult. Low pressure can also make stopping harder. All of this can be very dangerous and cause you to crash. You need to check the tire pressure regularly, before each ride, with a gauge so you know exactly what the pressure is and how much air you need to add.


You need to be able to slow down and stop a motorcycle precisely. Other drivers may not see you and pull over into your lane, making your brakes important. You should have the pads checked regularly and replace them when they are around 2 mm thick. In addition, you need to check the brake fluid every time you go for a ride. It only takes a minute but ensures that your brakes will grab and stop you when you need them to.

Air Filter

The air filter on a motorcycle gets clogged with dirt and dust much quicker than one on a car. Every time you change the oil you should check the air filter too. A clogged filter can cause the bike to jerk around a bit, making it difficult for you to maintain control. In addition, it will result in reduced gas mileage for the bike and could cause other damage to the motor.

Fork Oil

Keeping the forks properly lubricated will keep the handle bars from bouncing around in your hands when you go over small bumps. You will be able to steer better and won't have to worry about hoping all over the road.

Without the protection of a car body around you, driving a motorcycle is incredibly dangerous. Having to worry about the people driving on the road around you creates enough stress. You need to know that your machine is in top running condition so you don't have to worry about that too.