Flood Waters And Autos: 3 Things To Know Before Buying A Flood Damaged Car

15 September 2017
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The recent storms have caused a lot of cars to be damaged by flood waters. These cars often leave the cities where they were damaged and are professionally restored in dealerships and auto shops. While there is always a risk to buying a flooded car, it may be something that you are considering. Before you decide to buy a car that has been damaged in flood waters, here are some things that you will want to know about potential problems:

1. Corrosion and Rust Can Deteriorate the Metal of Cars Quickly

One of the biggest problems with flood-damaged cars is the corrosion, which comes after days exposed to water and contaminants. It is important that all the metal of the car is cleaned and treated quickly to reduce problems with corrosion that can develop quickly. All the metal of the car needs to be exposed, cleaned and treated with a diluted oil treatment to stop any rust and corrosion from causing excessive damage to the car.

2. Water in The Drive Train and Other Components May Cause Them to Malfunction

Another area of vehicles that often gets damaged is the drive train. Water in engines, transmissions, and other sealed parts can cause a lot of damage, which may take years to surface. When a car is restored after flood damage, it needs to have all the fluids flushed and many of the seals and gaskets replaced to minimize the possibility of water damage to the drive train. These components are also the most vulnerable to water damage and make buying flood-damaged cars so risky.

3. Electronics in Flooded Cars Are Often Severely Damaged and May Short Circuit

In addition to the drive train, electronics may also be severely damaged after flooding. The electronics often have shorts and will immediately show signs of problems. When a water damaged car is restored, most of these electronics are going to need to be replaced. There may be some wires and connections that can be salvaged by immediately removing them and cleaning them with alcohol or gasoline. When restoring electronic connections, it is important to make sure that there is not any corrosion on the metal. When the connections are put back in the car, using an electronic lubricant will help protect them from future corrosion and failure.

These are some tips to help you with buying a flood-damaged car. Auto repair services and dealerships are obligated to disclose whether a car has been in flood waters or not. If you want to get the best deal on a car and know exactly what you are buying, contact a reputable dealership and ask them about cars like a used Lexus GS 350