Choosing The Right Trim Package For Your New Car

18 September 2017
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When you head to a local car dealership, you may already have an idea of which car you have in mind to purchase. However, cars come in several different trim packages. Knowing which trim package is right for you can help you to find the perfect car at the right price. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to navigate the different options available to you.

Know Which Options Are Deal-Breakers

Some options are nice to have, while others are deal-breakers when shopping for a new car. Determine which options you absolutely have to have, as this can be a good starting point when choosing a trim level. Do you want heated seats or are you fine with standard seats? Is a built-in navigation system a must for you? Write out a list of the options you want, and let your car salesman know exactly what you are looking for.

Understand The Basic Trim

In some cases, you may find that the basic trim level for the car you want has everything you need. Some features that used to be optional now come standard on many vehicles, so you may not have to pay extra to get what you want. Take some time before you go to the car dealership to study the manufacturer's website for the car you like. Some websites break down the trim levels by feature, giving you an easy way to do a side-by-side comparison. You may find that features like rear-view cameras, removable seats, or steering wheel-mounted controls may already come standard on the basic trim package for the car you want.

Know The Difference Between Trim Packages And Add-On Packages

Car makers provide lots of different ways to upgrade a vehicle, and that includes more than offering several trim levels. In addition to being able to choose from basic, mid-tier, and premium trims, you may also be able to purchase add-on packages for your vehicle. Knowing what's available to you can make it easier to choose what you want. For example, some SUVs and trucks come with optional towing packages.

This may include a tow hitch or other accessories that make it easier to tow a boat or car. Off-road vehicles might come with an optional camping package, which can include extra chargers and electrical outlets, or even a tent that attaches to the vehicle. These packages are sold in addition to the trim package you want, so know that you might pay extra for them. However, it might be possible to negotiate the price of the vehicle you want to get an add-on package for free or close to it.

Be sure to ask the salesperson at your car dealership about all available trim packages, option extras, and add-ons so you can get the perfect car for your needs.