3 Things To Consider When Buying A Subaru Crosstrek

19 September 2017
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Purchasing a new car can be a big decision. Not only does a new car have an impact on finances, it also has an impact on daily life. Many drivers are on the road everyday. For those who drive a lot or have long commutes, choosing the right vehicle is a must. It's important to find a vehicle that is comfortable to drive, that gets a reasonable amount of miles to the gallon, and that is a size that suits the driver. The Subaru Crosstrek checks off a lot of boxes for a variety of drivers. For those who are considering purchasing one of these vehicles, here are three things to consider.


When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, price is often the first thing that drivers consider. Subaru introduced the Crosstrek in 2016 as a replacement for the XV Crosstrek. A 2018 Subaru Crosstrek costs on average between $21,795 for the base model to $26,295 for one with extra features. Earlier models can be purchased for less depending on the condition. The cost of a Subaru Crosstrek is on par with other small SUVs.

Different Models

Another thing to consider when purchasing a Subaru Crosstrek is the different models. The Crosstrek comes in four different models including the 2.0i, the 2.0i Premium, the 2.0i Premium Special Edition, and the 2.0i Limited. The 2.0i is the base model while the 2.0i Limited has all of the bells and whistles. All models offer the option between automatic and manual transmissions and all-wheel drive is standard for each model. Gas mileage is in the mid to upper 20s for each model. Which model works best for interested drivers will depend on their budget and which features are important to them.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a Subaru Crosstrek is lifestyle. This vehicle is a great choice for drivers who drive in both the city and on more rugged terrain. The Crosstrek has a sturdy suspension system and can handle trails and tough terrain with no problems. The ground clearance is just under 9 inches which is another benefit for drivers who need their car to go over uneven terrain. Another benefit of the Crosstrek is that it also handles well in the city and offers a smoother ride than other comparable SUVs.

For those who want an SUV that can handle both city and country roads, the Subaru Crosstrek may be the right choice. It offers standard all-wheel drive, handles well on a variety of surfaces, and the cost is comparable to other similar SUVs.