Choose A Pre-Owned Convertible That Is Right For You

7 December 2018
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If you have been eyeing several sporty convertible models and are seriously contemplating purchasing a vehicle that is similar to one of them, choosing a pre-owned car will provide you with the opportunity to own a flashy ride without needing to pay a ridiculously high amount of money. Use some strategies to determine whether to purchase a soft or hard top model and land the best deal possible.

Choose A Soft Or Hard Top Model

Soft (fabric) or hard top models vary from one to another. With a soft top, a vehicle's interior may not maintain its warmth as well as it would with a hard top. Take into account that on cold days, you may need to use your vehicle's heater to regulate your comfort level. Soft tops feature manual or power options, making them more versatile than hard tops, which solely rely upon a power option.

If you are all about showing off your new ride and would like everyone to know that your vehicle is a true convertible, a soft top convertible can easily be distinguished, since the fabric top is often a distinct color in comparison to a vehicle's exterior. A hard top model, on the other hand, will look similar to a standard vehicle when the top is up.

Shop During The Winter And Negotiate

Most people who live in a colder climate probably don't think about purchasing a convertible during the winter because there won't be many days where driving around with the top down will make much sense. Since the demand for convertibles will be lower once the weather has turned cooler, it is the perfect time to begin shopping around for a car at pre-owned vehicle dealers and you may be able to land a great deal.

The sticker prices on vehicles are not necessarily the lowest prices that you will be offered. If you find a car that you really like, but don't think that the asking price is low enough, sit down with a salesperson to see if they would be willing to go down lower on the price.

If you have a decent amount of money for the down payment on a vehicle or if you opt for on-the-lot financing, you may be offered a better deal for the vehicle. Before making an agreement and signing any documents, look over the convertible in question and take it for a test drive to ensure that it is a car that you will be completely satisfied with.