Winterize Your Car-Buying Efforts

17 February 2019
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While the weather outside may be frightful, the winter months can be a good time to invest in a new vehicle. Car shopping during the winter allows you access to some unique benefits that you might not get during any other season throughout the year.

Winterize your car-buying efforts by keeping these simple tips in mind.

Select an Older Model

Car dealerships always want to have the latest and greatest vehicles on their lot to entice customers. The winter months represent model year-end for many dealerships. Older vehicles need to be sold to make room for the new models that will be delivered.

This means that you can score a great deal on a new car if you focus your attention on last year's model. The vehicle will still be in like-new condition, but you won't endure the same depreciation or sticker price that you might find if you wait to look for a new car in spring or summer.

Recognize Your Value

Winter can be one of the slowest times of the year for car dealerships. Holiday spending, impending taxes, and inclement weather often keep buyers away from car lots during the winter months. You can use this to your advantage by recognizing that your business is extremely valuable to the dealership.

The dealership will be less willing to let you walk out the door without making a sale, so you have leverage during the negotiation process. This leverage allows you to negotiate a lower purchase price and other possible perks like an extended warranty or free oil changes to go along with your vehicle purchase.

Test All Accessories

The last thing you want to do when outdoor temperatures are below freezing is subject yourself to a blast of cold air. This aversion to the cold can prevent many buyers from checking out a vehicle's air conditioning system or testing automatic windows when purchasing a car during winter.

Keep in mind that you will be driving your new vehicle in all temperatures and you want to be comfortable in both the cold and the heat. Wear a warm jacket and some gloves to help make the arctic blast from an open window or AC set on high more bearable.

Buying a new vehicle during winter doesn't have to be a difficult experience. In fact, winter car-buying can give you access to some unique benefits that make braving the snow and ice worthwhile.